East Mill Road Facility

East Mill Road Facility, Brechin, DD9 7EP

Status: Mostly Occupied but few units available for rent


Total site area: 49,445m² (532,222ft²)

The 50,000m2 East Mill Road Industrial Estate in Brechin currently has several units with industrial and office space available for rent or for storage, including large 2,000m2 units or smaller units. External storage space and 6m x 3m storage containers are also available. Find out more here

The site has been part of the JJKS Estates property portfolio since 2013 and is now home to a wide variety of local and blue-chip global businesses, including Matrix Altra Industrial Motion who design and manufacture industrial electromagnetic and hydraulic clutches and brakes, a health & fitness suite, a photo studio and an industrial coating and corrosion protection facility. 

The two stone buildings to the east of the site were originally built as weaving mill sheds at the turn of the nineteenth century. The remainder of the site was built during the Second World War for the manufacture of ammunition and war equipment. After the war, the facility was used for engineering works, providing employment for over 1,000 locals. In the late 1960’s the site was taken over by Coventry Gauge and Small Tool Co Ltd (now Matrix) and, following business restructuring in the early noughties, the site was bought by JJKS.


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Unit 1

Status: Occupied by Asset Coatings

Floor area: 667m² (2,188ft²)


Unit 2

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area: 663m² (2,175ft²)


Unit 3a

Status: Occupied by Andy Edgar

Floor area: 778m² (8,374ft²)


Unit 3b

Status: Occupied by J W Souttar Ltd

Floor area: 153m² (501ft²)


Unit 4a

Status: Occupied by Dynamix Health & Fitness Ltd

Floor area: 543m² (1,781ft²)


Unit 5a

Status: Occupied by Altra Industrial Motion

Floor area: 1,970m² (21,205ft²)


Unit 5b

Status: Occupied by Altra Industrial Motion

Floor area: 1,606m² (17,287ft²)


Unit 6

Status: Available for rent

Floor area: 474m² (5,102ft²)


Unit 7

Status: Available for rent

Floor area: 444m² (4,779ft²)


Unit 8 – Offices

Status: Office Space Available for Rent

Floor area: 453m² (4,876ft²)


Unit 9a

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area: 536m² (1,758ft²)


Unit 9b

Status: Occupied by Crawford

Floor area: 393m² (1,289ft²)



Unit 9c

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area: 1,914m² (6,279ft²)


Unit 10

Status: Occupied by Pixi Images

Floor area: 30m² (98ft²)


Unit 11

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area: 23m² (75ft²)


Unit 12

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area:  90m² (295ft²)


Unit 13

Status: Available for Rent

Floor area: 101m² (331ft²)

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